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ZAVALOVA Biography

Marina Zavalova was born in Moscow, Russia and was introduced to the world of art at an early age.  Her father, a painter and commercial artist himself, gave Zavalova her first lessons in drawing, painting and the understanding of art.

In high school, Zavalova participated in theater and would travel around Russia giving performances. It was during these travels she had the opportunity to visit many beautiful places, and so became inspired and started drawing the unique landscapes she visited. This fascination in landscape is still evident in her paintings today.

In 1981 Zavalova graduated from the Textile Institute on Faculty of Art in Moscow.  After graduating, she began working as a colorist and designer for textiles, as well as a commercial artist and also began to participate in some restoration work.  During this same time, she took part in her first exhibitions with watercolor and oil painting.

Cosmopolitan Fine Arts is proud to represent the work of Marina Zavalova.