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YEON Biography

Yeon, born in 1962, has lived in her adopted country Spain since 1991.

She attended college at the Korea University from 1978 – 1984, where she further honed her artistic skills and earned qualifications to become a fine arts teacher, thus enhancing her passion for painting. During this time she was selected to participate in several different collective painting exhibitions in Korea. From 1986 to 1989, Yeon continued to progress her painting abilities by studying with a Korean master of classic Dutch still life painting.

After settling with her family in Spain, she gained love and appreciation for the Spanish masters and began to model her paintings after the works of Goya and Velzaquez. Following her move to Spain, she began to study the chromatics of paint and drawing, which allowed her to begin painting in a more contemporary realistic manner.

After gaining the recognition as a leading Spanish floral painter, Yeon’s work is now being introduced into the American market. Her contemporary realistic works consist of flower arrangements and still life paintings.