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VEENSTRA Biography

Whoever is privileged enough to posses a painting by the Friesian artist Gert-Jan Veenstra, is immediately entranced by the stunning color palette and overwhelming serenity created by his loose yet precise brushstrokes. In his paintings, weathered ships glide effortlessly across a glassy water surface that mimics the powder blue sky in its sparkling reflections.

The charming Dutch village scenes Veenstra frequently depicts are reminiscent of his hometown as a boy. He was born on April 11, 1957 in Workum, a picturesque harbor town nestled on the shores of the former Zuiderzee. His distinctiveness manifested itself at an early age, as he experimented with charcoal and pencil sketches that interpreted the countryside in a way that revealed his unmistakable natural talent. Veenstra rapidly matured as an artist with the tutelage of countless visits to museums, combined with the guidance from fellow artists. He developed an exuberant style associated with the nostalgic works of infamous Dutch artists in past centuries.

Like the much-admired Dutch masters before him, Veenstra devoted himself to highlighting the tranquility of the atmosphere pervaded by the amiable villages. These exquisite paintings intertwined with landscapes and architecture have become so enormously popular, because they offer a full scope to his native tendency towards pictorial realism. Veenstra depicts his countryside with a sensitivity and unpretentious sincerity that optimize his artistic heritage.

Cosmopolitan Fine Arts is proud to represent the work of Gert-Jan Veenstra.