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S. PARK Biography

Sam Park was born in 1949 in Seoul, South Korea. He began painting at the age of 12.  After graduation he traveled to France, where he studied painting and lived among other artists in Paris. His artistic style and inspiration spring forth from the great brushes of the French impressionists. The beauty of the French countryside astounded Park. His paintings blend a subtle fragility with a hyper-realist style, capturing the true essence of what one would see while infusing it with brighter-than-life color and unaffected imagery.  

He always admired the great impressionists -- the way their brushes, easels, and canvases personified their complete being and intrinsic desire to paint.  Park senses and shares their passion to create, and today he fills his own canvases with artistic manifestations that evoke harmony and serenity in his redefinitions of impressionism.