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SORIN Biography

Sorin is a European realistic painter born in Moldova.  He was born on November 29, 1966 in the city of Kishinev, Moldova. He attended "Schusev Art School" from his fifth year of schooling. This was followed by studies at "Repyn" Art College. After he finished his college studies he worked as an artist with a movie studio and an advertising agency and worked as an artist director with Tele - radio Company Moldova.

Sorin travels throughout the Republic of Moldova in search of interesting views that capture the heart of the countryside. His rural and urban landscapes express dramatic changes in the environment, while not forgetting the eternal essence of nature and life close to the soil. His work is realistic and yet full of soul.

In May of 1999, Sorin had his first major show "Imperceptible Midday" in the city of Kishinev. He is a major talent that already produces haunting work with interesting tones and shadows reflected in the villages, fields, roads, mountains, and waters of his native soil. This is art that will never tire, art that will bring peace into your day.

Sorin has sold over 800 paintings since 1996 and his poetic landscapes have become a part of personal collections in many countries. At the 1998 Olympics the group from Moldova presented Mr. Samaran, the President of the Olympic Committee with a landscape by Sorin.