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SANNINO Biography


Antonio Sannino was born in Italy in 1956. He later attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Italy. After moving to England in 1979, he started his artistic career under the guidance of accredited British artists H.E. Marvin and J. Adler. Immediately he was noted for his classical style and well-balanced compositions, which came alive with a striking color palette. Returning to Italy in 1990, Antonio decided to have studios in different locations to ensure that he was able to travel and continue to be inspired by his adventures.
This artist’s noteworthy achievements can be attributed to his personal way of analyzing the countryside in minute detail. He simplifies his paintings down to the bare essentials, exposing the natural beauty and character of his landscapes. He has said, “The beauty of the landscape is enhanced by the beauty if our light. It is the light that I paint, the beauty of the landscape unfolds.” Each of his works is carried out with the utmost in perfection and precision, as he seeks to transport his viewer to the very spot he painted. His classic and quaint subjects are distinguished by their splendor and enhanced by the variety and richness of his tonal variations. Sannino has dedicated his whole life to painting. Few other artists have shown works of this magnitude in solo and collective exhibitions of such high caliber. He is one of the most talented and sought after landscapists, in Italy and around the world. His works can be found in some of the most prestigious private and public collections.

Cosmopolitan Fine Arts is proud to represent the work of Antonio Sannino.