ROUBAUD Biography

For the past 40 years, André Roubaud has progressed into the achieved artist he is today. “Reality and dreams, realism and poetry,  combine in his eyes and by his hand to move us,” said Jean-Claude  Gaudin, Senator of the “Bouches-du-Rhône.”  

This thriving artist was born in France in 1929, and he still lives there to this day.  He began to make his mark as a painter from a very early  age–well before he attended art school.  Roubaud enjoyed painting the things that surrounded him:  landscapes, flowers and people.  

Once Roubaud began attending art school, his work became recognized. He began winning prizes from his own region in France  and then progressed to places like Paris & New York. Today he exhibits in France, Mexico, Australia, America, Japan & Switzerland.

André Roubaud’s work has vigor, enthusiasm and a personality all of its own.  His paintings achieve this look through vivid colors and thick  texture. The hues on his images are bright yellow, green, red and  blue. These vibrant colors draw the viewer’s eyes into the image. He uses a palette knife to move the thick paint around his canvas. This strong texture gives the painting depth. As a viewer, you can almost walk into the scene provided.  

Roubaud works quickly to capture his excitement onto the canvas. He wants you to see into his soul when examining his work. If an image  looses his interest, he will push it aside until he finds his inspiration  again.

André Roubaud’s paintbrush is a reflection of his soul. He pictorially describes the Provence he grew up in with the grace of its natural  beauty