ROOS Biography

Cornelis Roos was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1949 and he died in 2000.

Soft and peaceful to the eye, Roos’ works demonstrate the somber atmosphere of the North Sea, the melancholy clouds of a summer hugging the Dutch countryside, and the grayish purple chill of a Dutch winter landscape.There is a synchronicity of all elements; everything is as it should be. Cornelis Roos knew his birth country well, he respected it,  he loved it.  As a result, Roos' disciplined brush revealed tranquil simplicity cloaking glimpses of sparse realities of the human element.  Therein lies the depth of unhurried drama beneath the passive beauty of the canvases.

Influenced by the Dutch masters of The Hague School, along with the 19th century French Barbizon School, Roos masterfully seduces us into sobering glances of bittersweet loneliness.  It is a slowed-down pace of life.  Nature is the heart of the matter, and it beats on in peace.

Roos resided in California the later part of his life, where he enjoyed painting the countryside and the Pacific Ocean en plein-air.

Cornelis Roos had a number of acclaimed exhibitions in Carmel, Beverly Hills and La Jolla, California.