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R. GONZALEZ Biography

Rino Gonzalez was born in Manila, Republic of Philippines in 1962. Gonzalez follows in the footsteps of his grandfather, his father, and four aunts and uncles --  all talented professional artists. Rino, however, goes one step further because, while they are all known for their devotion to realism, his talent lies in the area of trompe l'oeil.

His early schooling was in Manila, but after arriving in the United States at age sixteen, Gonzalez finished high school in California. He then went on to earn many awards for his amazingly detailed and realistic depictions of books, musical instruments, fruit, and everyday objects.

With his extraordinary eye for detail, sense of exquisite style and style and love of storytelling, fine artist Rino Gonzalez has amassed a great following. Many around the world admire the artist’s skill for creating such striking realism.