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PORNER Biography

Tony Porner was born in Young Joo, Kyungnam. He comes from a Korean and Chinese heritage. Porner spent his childhood in Chulan where he was surrounded by the awe-inspiring beauty of nature. Even at a very early age, Porner was immediately recognized for his precocious and seemingly innate talent. With simplistic brushes and pencils, he spent most afternoons drawing pictures from magazines and comic books. He found great joy in giving these completed drawings to his friends. Throughout most of his elementary years, he dabbled in drawing the landscapes of his home country. As he grew older he moved to Seoul to attend high school. Shortly thereafter, he joined an art studio where he became accustomed to depicting all types of subject matter, not just his beloved landscapes. His most influential and memorable training experience was undoubtedly working inside the Kyung Bok Palace from the Chosun Dynasty of 19th century. After graduating from high school, he was immediately drafted into the military service. While serving his nation, he was commissioned by his commanding officers to paint the pristine landscapes of the North and South Korean border. It was a landscape whose beauty was still untouched and pure. After serving three years in the military, he found a job as an art studio instructor through a newspaper ad. It proved to be the perfect job for him. When he was not teaching, he was able to concentrate his spare time on painting. During this period, he was presented with the amazing opportunity to have his works exhibited at a gallery with a group of notable artists. Immediately his exhibitions were a grand success and his paintings began to appear in America. He is now a member of the Mokwoo Association, which is the foremost Korean artists association. Also, he is currently working on murals for prominent company buildings in Seoul, Korea. In his 50’s now, he works and resides in the South of France, drawing his inspiration from the rich countryside. He continues to paint Venice, villages in Tuscany, and the Provance landscape.

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