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NAVARRO Biography

Jesus Navarro was born in 1952 in Spain. At the age of twelve his already apparent artistic talents led him to the local school of arts and crafts where he studied painting and sculpture. At this time he also became the apprentice of locally renowned painter, Ramírez Toro, under whom Navarro learned the complex techniques of classical painting.

In 1971, Navarro moved to Barcelona where he began a phase of self-teaching, focusing on combining classical techniques along with his newly discovered interest in detailed composition. During this period Jesus traveled to Mexico and Venezuela where he found inspiration for his artwork.

In 1996, Navarro’s work was part of a collective exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami, Florida. The museum acquired a piece from this exhibition for their permanent collection. Navarro’s work has continued to grow in popularity allowing him to exhibit his work in galleries all over the world.