NASONOV Biography

Vladimir Nasonov was born in St. Petersburg in 1957. His talent was clear from a young age. During his military service he provided artwork for the army, using his free time to study the works of the Renaissance Masters, and French painters of the turn of the twentieth century.

In 1978 Nasonov left the army, but restrictions for artists in the Soviet Union made it impossible to earn a living, forcing Nasonov and his wife to move to Hungary, where he sold miniatures on the street to tourists. However, in 1986, with the lifting of the Iron Curtain, Nasonov was able to freely sell his work to foreign tourists. Collectors from the USA, Canada and Europe began to purchase his paintings for their private collections, and in 1992 a Russian art dealer began to bring Nasonov's work to the United States.

Nasonov’s paintings often depict street scenes with glistening wet streets and glowing city lights as people go about their daily lives.  Another theme he masterfully paints is rural settings of people working in fields or walking through groves of trees enveloped in the beauty of nature. His winter landscapes however are suffused with symbolism and mysticism. Vladimir Nasonov's technique is confident and free.