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M.S. PARK Biography

M.S. Park was born in 1951 in Eum-Sung, Korea. It was not until age 26 that he started developing his artistic skills. Experimenting with pencil sketching and oil painting, he effortlessly created luscious landscapes, serene seascapes, and awe-inspiring garden scenes.

By 1977 his natural talent and exquisite use of natural lighting was undeniable, and he began formal training at the I.A.D. Company. During this period, he perfected his oil painting techniques and became instantly successful with his enchantingly peaceful woodland scenes. Park’s paintings encourage the viewer to celebrate the beauty of Mother Nature’s vibrant colors and deep textures. Indeed, there exists an element of spirituality and sacredness in his tranquil atmospheres.
His love for painting and astounding talent has made him so successful in both the United States and Korea.