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MORRO Biography

Ingfried Paul Henze (German, 1925-2013) AKA ‘Henze-Morro’ or ‘P. Morro’ etc., is a well known listed artist born in 1925 in Leipzig, Germany. There has been a lot of confusion regarding this artist over the last 50+ years and the various pseudonyms that he used. His signatures also vary greatly from painting to painting.

His style was often referred to as the new German Impressionism and many of his older landscapes feature the Black Forest region of Bavaria, while other paintings include European park scenes, Venetian scenes, cityscapes, seascapes & lake scenes, mountains scenes, floral still lifes, portrait works and nudes. In more recent years, his art has been defined and referred to as Post-Impressionism.

Henze initially studied at Leipzig Art Academy and also at the Leipziger Leipzig School of Applied Arts. After the War from 1945-50, Henze continued his studies at the Art Academy of Munich. After his studies, he worked for an art dealer for a short time and also traveled and painted extensively throughout Europe. He soon settled in Tangier, Morocco for a brief time, and later resided in Paris where he maintained a studio. He eventually settled in Northern Italy in the Veronese territory of Caprino on Lake Garda.
He died in 2013 in Lake Garda, Italy.