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January Jorgenson, resides in  Arizona, and has been painting professionally since 2001.  She achieved almost instant acclaim in Southwest Art Magazine as "The Artist To Watch" and later was highlighted as the "Artist to Collect". The great impressionists along with contemporary artists such as Ovanes Berberian, Robert Johnson and others with whom she has studied influenced her interpretations.  January has garnered numerous group and one-woman shows through her galleries, is a published illustrator and plans one day to share her expertise through select workshops and seminars.

January’s style is something that springs from her vibrant personality and is easily recognized from across the room, a style that is uniquely and distinctively hers.  From a distance January creates a beautiful and emotional portrayal immediately captivating and drawing you in for a closer look.   Up close, the larger subject fades away bringing you the "second subject" of her art, the paint.  With a mosaic of bold colors, generous brush strokes and skillful use of the palette knife, this "second subject" allows you to blend in your minds eye a view that is exciting, new and masterful.  One often wonders, "Is there a name for that new color?"

Her oil paintings of floral studies, flamboyant roosters and landscapes burst with rich color, texture and movement that has the paint "dancing" on the canvas.  Each is a delight of sophistication contrasted with whimsy that makes them highly collectable.  Her works are held in private and public collections in the United States and Canada.