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JORDAN Biography

Sally spent her formative years living on the edge of a lush forest in rural Massachusetts. Nature’s extremes were reflected in the beauty and sensational seasonal changes of the forest. These changes made an indelible impression on a child who was highly sensitive to color. The onset of Sally’s lifelong passion for nature and art began with her exploration and love of the forest.

After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Painting from UCLA, Sally began her 20-year career as a Fashion Designer/Illustrator. Her designs were found in stores such as The Wet Seal, Contempo Casuals, Mervyns, J.C. Penneys, Target, K-Mart, and Walmart. After retiring from the garment industry in 1990, she continued to free lance as an illustrator and supplied stores with original designs for screen-printed garments. During her fashion design career, Sally continued to develop her skills as a landscape, still life, and portrait painter. Recently, she participated in workshops sponsored by the Scottsdale Artists’ School and studied with artist/instructors such as, Ray Roberts, George Strickland, Ned Mueller, Jean LeGassick, and John Budicin.

Sally uses traditional color techniques as a foundation for her work. But nature is full of surprises. I love to select a color palette, and when my painting is almost complete, I add finishing touches in a color that is not a part of my overall color scheme. Life and nature contain a myriad of idiosyncratic elements. I want my work to be unpredictable and contain something unexpected.