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G. BUENO Biography

Giner Bueno was born in 1935 in Godella (a town along the Valencian coast). His talent matured as a student at the Valencia Arts and Crafts school, and he later moved to Paris to further his training.

Bueno reflects the daily diversity of beauty in his countryside’s natural light and color through sweeping brushstrokes of pinks, purples and blues. Viewers of Bueno’s canvases are presented with a wonderfully unique look at Spanish coastal life. His plein-air paintings reflect a vast variety of subjects. He renders images of everyday working class fishermen, peaceful seascapes, and women wearing traditional dresses keeping a watchful eye on the children at the beach or at market.

The phenomenal way Giner Bueno depicts the simplistic Mediterranean life truly has earned him the right to be called one of Spain’s most distinguished masters of impressionism. He has participated in over 50 shows throughout Europe and United States.