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FRANCES Biography

José Miguel Román Francés was born in 1950 in Alcoy, Alicante (Spain).

Francés' work reflects his love for nature and his Spanish heritage, frequently depicting the female figure with traditional silk shawls that radiate with the colors and floral patterns of his native country. His impressionistic brushstroke never lets him get too closely bound up in his encounters with the female figure; yet, he depicts her in minute details when appropriate. The colors he uses are perfectly balanced and controlled within their light-giving power.

Román Francés achieves an overall effect of harmony, peace, and great beauty. Each piece is filled with the feeling of light that he manages to reflect in everything he paints. His paintings are employed lavishly, with dense buildups in the floral groupings and landscapes surrounding the female figures and children, which are the core and focus from which all else radiates.