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AMEGLIO Biography

Merio Ameglio was born in 1897 in San Remo, Italy. In 1938 he moved to Paris  where he continued to explore and perfect his artistic abilities. His formal education was provided in this bohemian center through his encounters and friendships with other popular artists of the day such as Jean Paul Francois Galle, Jacques Villon, Picasso, Van Dongen and Severini.

Ameglio became a member of the salons and a continuous participant.  He traveled extensively throughout Europe but primarily to Italy. There he captured the beauty of the landscapes. The finished works are as masterful in technique as they are sensitive to the eye.

On October 29th, 1969 a retrospective exhibition was held in his honor at Galerie Cambaceres in Paris.  

Merio Ameglio died in 1970 in Paris.