"Just as we need our air and water to survive, painting is a vital element in my life. I live to paint, and painting gives me life." - Dy'Ans.

For over 40 years, masterworks have flowed from Dy'Ans' brush. Her compositions are classics, while her approach to the canvas yields a dynamism which enhances our ability to feel more deeply the life force implicit in her work...a trait found in the works of the old masters.

Dy'Ans admirers are amazed by her unique ability to capture the radiant interplay of light and shadow, yet at the same time infuse nature's vitality with a sense of tranquility. Indeed, her collectors remark on the great feeling of serenity and life that is experienced in the marine paintings they have purchased.

Reflecting Dy'Ans' love of nature and an astute knowledge of oceanography and sea life, her work includes majestic seascapes, award-winning Japanese Koi fish, and panoramic underwater paintings of sea life. Her subjects are as timeless as her meticulous preparation of each canvas, insuring her collectors a work of art that will endure through centuries of admiration.

The scale of her pieces combined with her unequaled style often translates into months of careful work before Dy'Ans is satisfied to release a painting to the gallery The end result is a masterpiece and a precious gem.

Dy'Ans was named "Artist of the Year" by the National Coalition of Marine Conservation. Her work has found its way into many private and corporate collections including McDonalds, Bob Hope, President Ronald Reagan, the San Diego Symphony, and the White House.