ROSHIN Biography

Grigory Roshin was born in Moscow in 1956.  In 1985 he graduated from the Moscow Art College, where he studied the history and artistic style of the old master artists, predominantly Dutch painters.  Roshin still lives and works in Moscow today.

"Where did this guy get his Spanish melancholy?" These words, belonging to a famous Soviet poet of the thirties, can be used as the epigraph to the canvases of Grigory Roshin.  "Where has this artist get his nostalgia for Holland?" and "Where are these visions from?" They are from his dreams, because he never left Russia;  Roshin only saw Holland in pictures, but do not look for anything similar among famous original Dutch paintings,  there is none.  Roshin’s works are his visions, his dreams, yet they are strangely reminiscent of the style and technique employed by great masters such as Rembrandt. Roshin'd paintings are glorious works of art where the dramatic play of light and atmospheric conditions are the focal points. In Roshin’s landscapes the figures and the background are blended together and characters are wrapped in the surrounding light and air.  The atmosphere looks saturated with humidity, all the shapes are friable and the contours of boats, sails, houses and edges seem diluted in the air and fog.

The artistic works of Grigory Roshin can be considered as the modern stylization of English-Dutch artistic school of romantic genre landscape.  His works have been displayed at numerous exhibitions throughout Europe and are held in many private collections in different countries of the world.

Cosmopolitan Fine Arts is proud to represent the artworks of Grigory Roshin.